18 May 2009
Pregnant Photos

Hi Guys,

Been getting lots of emails to post more photos of me while pregnant. Please find below a few you might like.

Have everything pretty much under control. My mom was with me last week and we got lots done. Almost ready, just going to try take it easy for the last month or so.

We are thinking about names for our daughter but nothing solid yet. Let me know your suggestions, go to my contacts page and drop me an email.

Lots of Love

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01 May 2009
Nicola Expecting!

Hey Guys,

I'm sure by now you have heard the news that Ben and I are expecting a baby girl in July. We are so excited!!!!

While we have tried to keep the news low key, I'm sure by now you have heard. All I want to say at this point is that we are both very happy and can't wait for the day when we get to meet our daughter.

I hope you all can share our special time with us. Both Ben and I want to thank you for all the good wishes, we really appreacite every message.

Lots of love

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16 October 2008
Diamond Empowerment Fund

In 2006 I had the privilege of meeting with ex South African President Thabo Mbeki. During the brief time that I had to talk with him I told him I was going home soon to South Africa for some work and he told me how important it is that young South Africans continue to return home and be a part of the country. This has always stuck with me and for a while now I have been searching for some way in which I could make a positive contribution to the country I love so much as a South African living in New York.I am so excited to tell you that I think I’ve finally found a really good way to make a positive contribution by getting involved with The Diamond Empowerment Fund which was established Russell Simmons, owner of the Simmons Jewelry Co.

For more information on the organization please visit www.diamondempowerment.org. During my upcoming visit to South Africa at the end of October I will be visiting CIDA (Community and Individual Development Association) City Campus which was one of the first organisations to benefit from The Diamond Empowerment Fund. Ben and I will also co-chair a very exciting benefit event in Manhattan on 19th November 2008 in order to raise funds for The Diamond Empowerment Fund.

I look forward to being able to make a positive contribution to this worthy organisation and request that you check out their website to see how you too can be involved.

Lots of Love


20 August 2008
Mrs. Steiner

I'm writing to you for the first time as Mrs. Steiner! It's quite an amazing feeling and also a little different I must say. All those people who say there is no change, hmm well, I don't believe them .After the wedding  Ben and I took a much needed break to Portofino on the coast of Italy for three nights. We had to unfortunately cancel our honeymoon to Bora Bora due to an illness in the family . So we decided to take a quick, close by, getaway to have some time to cherish our new husband/wife status.It was magical and truly an amazing trip.Very relaxing,we spent our days and nights eating great food (those Italians really know how to cook!) lounging around reading and swimming. The most active we were was to take a couple of turns on the jet skis. Ben and I are both avid jet skiers.

All too soon the three days were up and we left the South of France for Paris. It was our niece's Bat Mitzvah and another big family gathering! After that we stayed in Paris a couple of weeks and then we went back to St Tropez with our family. For the next couple of weeks we were between Nice and St Tropez.

In the middle of July we left France for Switzerland and and are now staying in Gstaad in the mountains for the rest of the summer. I have never spent the summer here before and it really is quite magical! So beautiful and green it looks like a fairy-tale. I have to say that Switzerland is definitely one of my favourite countries and Ben and I are hoping to move here, to Geneva, in the next 5-10 years. The quality of life is incredible and we also avid skiers so we could go away on the weekends to go skiing. Another plus for me is that it is closer to South Africa, always important!!

It's been a very healthy vacation filled with adventures such as paragliding, biking, cliff-jumping and swimming. I'm loving it! I do have to say that I am missing New York quite a bit too though so I hope to be going back for a week or so pretty soon.

Otherwise at the same time I'm really working on the finer details of my fragrance which has taken quite a bit longer than I thought to finalise. This is actually the exciting part where the packaging and colours are finalized etc. I am very excited for you all to see it!! The launch will hopefully be within the next six months.

I am also planning a trip down to South Africa in October or November to work on some things for the fragrance and am excited to come for a visit. I will be seeing you all there soon!

3 July 2008
Hi Guys!

As promised please check out a selection of our wedding photos. The wedding itself was just unforgettable. I hope the photos below give you an idea of how magical it was

Lots of Love

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25 June 2008
The Wedding

Well I know you will all be wondering how our wedding was. All I can say was it was everything I ever hoped for and more. I’ll be posting photos shortly so look out for them. Even though it rained we were prepared and everything from the Friday night dinner to our honeymoon has just been bliss. Ben and I felt so loved to be surrounded by our friends and family for our special day. So many people flew thousands of miles to wish us well that it left me feeling of truly being privileged. The reception was amazing and I have to admit we only got back to our hotel at 5am. For those of you in South Africa look out for the next issue of You/Huisgenoot magazines and for the rest of the world I’ll be uploading photos soon.

I have posted a sneak peak photo in the meantime.

Thank you so much for all your messages of support and love.



07 May 2008
Getting Ready For Our Wedding

Hi Guys,
Well it’s getting pretty close to our wedding in St Tropez in June. Time is just flying past and there is still so much to do. Finally all the invites are out and I have to say I love them. Exactly the style and theme I wanted. Very soon Ben and I will be leaving for France as we will need to be there ahead of time to take care of last minute details. I’m really looking forward to seeing all our family and friends from around the globe. We are really honoured that so many of our friends will be flying in to share our special day with us. Will keep you posted.

Lots of love

25 March 2008
Hi Guys! Happy 2008!

Sorry for the long break in-between my last message to you all , it's been a bit manic! For Christmas and New Year I was lucky enough to be at home in SA for 3 weeks. I spent Christmas with my family in Hermanus and then moved on to Cape Town where Ben and I rented a beautiful home in Bantry Bay. We had a couple of friends from the States join us and had a truly special time. On the 4th of January I had my 30th birthday and I threw an extravagant "Great Gatsby" themed party. What an amazing evening it was of family , old friends and also some new friends! It was unforgettable.

As I was leaving SA I realized that I only had about five and a half months left before my wedding!! Ben and I hadn't really organized anything yet so now I'm in full fledge wedding mode! The invites are almost ready to go out and I'm getting the rest in order little by little. I will be taking a trip to Milan in the middle of February to start the amazing process of making my dress too and hopefully all will be ready by the 15th of June. I'm also in some of the final stages of my fragrance and hope to launch in the next couple of months. I've really enjoyed that process and would love to expand on that further.

I wish everyone a beautiful 2008 and I'll keep you up to date on all the progress

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14 October 2007
Rugby Obsession

I have become completely obsessed with the rugby now!!! I am so proud of our SA boys and their performance today against Argentina. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first . It didn't help that I was all by myself at home in Washington DC watching. Ben is not all that interested in rugby and only watches when France plays ("his" team) So there I am screaming and jumping up and down like a crazy person in my living room watching the performance of a lifetime! I'm so excited (and a little scared) for next Sunday.

6 September 2007
Meeting Roger

Got to meet Roger last night!! Along with the US open it is also Fashion week. There is a lot going on and many events at the same time. I had been invited by Donatella Versace to a lunch she gave today .It was really beautiful and intimate. Check out the picture of me arriving at the lunch at: http.www.style.com.

If the above link does not work go to style.com and "search" nicola breytenbach. You will also get to see a bunch of clippings from various shows I have done

5 September 2007
US Open Tennis Tournament

The US Open is going on in New York right now and is one of my favourite sporting events of the year. I'm a big tennis fan and even more so a BIG Roger Federer fan! My brother Bjorn is also visiting from the Netherlands so I'm taking him to go see Federer play Roddick in the semi finals.

4 September 2007
Back In New York

The charity benefit for sunflower children went very well and now we're planning our next fundraiser which will be in the city towards the end of the month. It's a poker event and we think and hope we'll raise a lot of money for the kids... Otherwise I'm working on details for my fragrance ,all very exciting.

24 August 2007
On My Way To St. Tropez

At the airport on my way to St. Tropez. I have two weddings to attend in the next ten days.. I'm keeping my eyes open for some ideas!

23 August 2007
Back In New York From Harbour Island

Back in New York from Harbour Island. Even though we had a great time it was not quite as we had expected... Two days after we got there it started raining. We woke up in the middle of the night from this eerie sound and the wind was howling. Pretty shortly after I heard the loudest thunder I've ever heard in my life. A thought immediately crossed my mind that it was a hurricane. I know that this time of the year it is the hurricane season in the Caribbean but as we always come at this time I never thought anything of it. We checked the news and sure enough, Hurricane Dean was all over the news. We only caught the outside rim of it so all we had were serious winds and stormy nights but all in all we were fine and had a nice holiday... I'll rethink our Bahamas trip schedule from now on!

15 August 2007
Off To Harbour Island

I'll be out of contact for a while...

9 August 2007
Catching Up With Friends

Had an amazing couple of days with my friends and did a lot of catching up. I'm back in the city to finalise everything work wise before Ben and I leave on vacation next week. There is still a bit to do for the charity event coming up on the 2nd of September and I'd like to leave knowing everything from my end is up to speed! As we'll be in Harbour Island for a week, there will be no contact with anyone. There is no cell phone reception really on the island which is really perfect for us. No one can get a hold of you... Bliss!

4 August 2007
Shopping At Barney's

Today I had a real girly day. One of my close friends, Tatiana, from London is in town and we really pampered ourselves ! We started off with lunch at Cipriani which by the way makes the best belinnis in the world ! After lunch we went and had manicures and pedicures followed by some shopping at Barney's. What a fab day!

30 July 2007
Perfect To Stroll Around

After a long two flights I finally made it back home late Friday afternoon. Ben had been in Germany working so he also only arrived then. We spent a lovely relaxing weekend here in the city. As it is mid summer the city is very quiet which is bliss! No one bothering us, perfect to stroll around and relax!

26 July 2007
I'm off!

After a very hectic trip here in South Africa I'm off! Even though it was a lot of work it was all very productive and I leave with a very happy heart! I can't wait to be back in December with my fiancé and our friends. I'm sure the time will fly and see you all soon!

18 July 2007
Arrived In CT

Just arrived in Cape Town and really looking forward to seeing my dad. Had a day of television and newspaper interviews in Johannesburg on the way down. Looking forward to spending some time in Cape Town though my schedule is really busy every day for the next two weeks. Already missing Ben even though its only been a few days.

12 July 2007
Back In SA

I would like to thank everybody who has been so supportive over the past few weeks. I have great news in that I will be in South Africa for two weeks starting on Monday, see you all soon!

2 July 2007
All Is Fine!

I would like to apologise for my absence for the last couple months. I have been having some medical problems and haven't been feeling well. Don't worry, all is fine and I'm on my to getting better. I will be back very soon so don't give up!

17 April 2007
I'm So Sore!

Had quite the workout with my trainer yesterday, I'm so sore!

13 April 2007
We Went To the Kennedy Centre

We went to the Kennedy Centre to see a musical with some friends tonight. It was beautiful and one of the first monumental places I've been to in DC. Back to NY for the weekend for a meeting and to see some family,back on Sunday

10 April 2007
I'm Back In DC

I know it's a lot of back and forth but while Ben is doing his MOA this is what it'll be like. I am actually starting to spend more time here in DC than New York, for the moment anyway. Started with my palates trainer today, it feels great to get back into it. I had a long break from training as it was so hard between the travelling.

4 April 2007
Back In New York, Work As Usual

Starting looking for houses to rent in Cape town for new years as their is quite a bunch of us going. It's quite a mission so we'll see.

1 April 2007
Ben And His Dad's Birthday On Tuesday

It's Ben and his dad's birthday on Tuesday ( they have the same birhdate!!) so last night we had a big birthday party at the Rainbow room ( the Rainbow room is on the top of Rockefeller centre so you have a 360 degree view of New York, it's truly amazing) here in NY last night. It was a very special evening of family and friends, and dancing! A lot of dancing! Now we are off to Virginia where the festivities will continue until Tuesday when their actual birthdays are!

27 March 2007
Shoot With The Team From Top Billing

Had a great shoot with the team from Top Billing ..back in NY and spent the day at the Heavens office. Doing the final touches on the swimwear range which will be sent off this week to be made! One of my best friends has also just arrived in NY and is staying with me. It's going to be great couple of days of girly chat and catching up.

23 March 2007
Back To New York And Then Virginia

A very busy but also very successful trip in LA has come to an end! On my way back to New York and then Virginia on Saturday. Top Billing is coming to the farm to do an insert on Ben and I. I'm very excited, always love seeing my fellow countrymen!

20 March 2007
Heavens Clothing Brand

I'm in Los Angeles to launch our Heavens clothing brand and charity here. I am the spokesperson for the charity so it is very important to me that people relate to it. The event is tomorrow night and I have a lot of planning and organising to do, I hope it goes well, we've had a very positive reaction so far.

19 March 2007
Very Relaxing Trip In Fisher Island

Had a beautiful and very relaxing trip in Fisher Island.My golf swing is apparently very good!

15 March 2007
On My Way To Fisher Island

On my way to Fisher Island in Miami, Florida! Ben and I are taking a little break to go down there to learn how to play golf!! Can't wait to see how this turns out.. I'm sure it's much harder than it looks. It will be nice to have some sun too!

12 March 2007
Lunch With The Rabi Today

Ben and I had lunch with the Rabi today who spoke to me about my conversion process. It's all very interesting and I'm very excited to get started. After lunch I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around downtown in the East village and Soho doing research for the swimwear! All in all, a great day!

9 March 2007
The Swimwear Line, Very Exciting!

Had a great week at the office working on the swimwear line, very exciting! 

6 March 2007
Last Night I Attended A Very Special Event

It was a black tie Gala dinner for a non-profit organization called Miracle Corners of the World. It helps young people worldwide less fortunate through different programs including leadership training, housing developments and healthcare. With a little extra effort we can all reach out to those less fortunate.

2 March 2007
I Can't Believe How Fast This Year Is Going By!

Had a hectic week here in NY, looking forward to the weekend to catch up with friends. Ben is joining me here later today.

27 February 2007
Designing A Line Of Swimwear

After a lovely week in DC and a little relaxation on the farm in Virginia, I'm back in New York. I am now designing a line of swimwear for the new clothing line that Ben and I are involved in called Heavens. As challenging as it is, I love it and am so happy to bedoing something I've dreamed of doing for so long.

18 February 2007
Ben And I Are In Disneyworld

For the weekend with his two youngest nieces. Having a ball, it is really amazing with all the characters and rides and so many people! It's enormous this place! I don't know who is having more fun, Ben and I or the girls!

15 February 2007
I Woke Up Yesterday Morning To A Huge Snow Blizzard!

It was amazing but not so great if you have to travel as I did from NY to Washington to see Ben for Valentine's day! I finally managed to get here on the train and had a beautiful Valentine's with my fiancé. Hope you all had a special day too.

13 February 2007
Back In New York

Tonight is The Museum of Natural History annual Winter Dance of which I am on the host committee. It should be an amazing evening and a new experience for me as it is my first time attending.

11 February 2007
Sad To Leave SA

After a lovely stay here in SA it's time to go home again! I'm a little sad yet happy to get back to my man. After all I have a wedding to plan! See you all soon, I'll let you know how the planning goes as it unfolds!

4 February 2007
Ben And I Want To Buy A House

Here in Cape Town so today I went to look at some properties. I'm not letting the cat out of the bag yet but may have found something! It's really beautiful with amazing views. Will keep you all updated.

28 January 2007
After A Week Of Hard Work And Shoots

A little bit of fun. Yesterday was the J&B Met which I attended. It's such a lovely day and a great way for me to catch up on everyone here. Fun in the sun! Not too much though I am shooting a commercial on Monday and want to make sure I'm nice and rested. I'm still struggling with jet lag too.

22 January 2007
I Arrived In Cape Town On Sat

So happy to finally be here, what a trip. I can't get over how hot it is! I have to say I'm suffering a little bit. Coming form all that snow and cold it's quite a climate shock. Not complaining though. I had my first shoot today for a German catalogue on location in the most beautiful house in Somerset West. It had a view of the whole of Cape Town. What a lucky girl to be working in such amazing places!

12 January 2007
I Arrived In Cape Town On Sat

Planning my trip to South Africa! I'll be arriving next week and am very excited. See you all soon!

4 January 2007
It's My Birthday Today

I'll be going for a nice quiet dinner with my fiancé and some of his close family who are also here in Aspen. We've been skiing all day so we are a little worn out, early night for us!

28 December 2006
My Family Is Off To New York

Where they will be spending New Year and Ben and I are off to Aspen! We were supposed to go to St. Barts but had a change of heart at the last minute. We are both big skiers and can't wait to hit the slopes. It's so beautiful and romantic up there, truly magical.

25 December 2006
Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays To Everyone!

I'm on the farm with my family having a beautiful time. Eating a lot :), taking walks and catching up by the fire at night. Absolute bliss! I hope you are all having special holidays too.

10 December 2006
Back In SA In January

My publicist in South Africa called me today to let me know of an article which has come out in the Sunday Times in SA today. I'm very excited to see it and am sure that everyone at home will love Ben as much as I do! I can't wait to get back home and see everybody and share this exciting time. I'll be arriving in SA around the 15th of January for work and am very much looking forward to it!! See you all soon!

8 December 2006
Wedding Fever!

Wedding on the brain!! I still can't believe that I'm engaged sometimes. I've never smiled so much ! My friends are starting to make fun of me since it's all I talk about! We don't know exactly when but know it will be sometime in the spring of 2008 when Ben finishes his MBA program in Washington DC. The location is not confirmed either but I'm having a great time exploring our options. Seeing it will be a large wedding that does narrow it down a bit. The one thing which we both definitely want is to incorporate some South African aspect into the ceremony as it not only close to my heart but Ben's as well.

4 December 2006
Officially Engaged

I'm thrilled to say that Ben and I are engaged and will be making that announcement official today! (see news section). It happened a couple of weeks ago but we wanted to keep it amongst close family and friends at first to enjoy the moment in the beginning. It is a really exciting time for us and especially me as I've started to look at dresses! As you girls know it is one of the most fun things to do! I've tried on a couple just to at least figure out what style I want before I decide on what designer I'll wear in the end. I can't wait to start planning all the details but for now I'm researching different ideas which is just as fun!

28 November 2006
Planning For Christmas

Had a lovely relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. Now I'll be planning the Christmas and New Years holidays. What a busy time of year! My parents and siblings will be arriving in New York after which we will spend Christmas on the farm in Virginia. A real old fashioned Christmas with a big tree! After that we will be off to St. Bart's to spend New Year with Ben's dad. I'm so excited, it should be a lovely break!

23 November 2006
Thanksgiving Lunch

Today is Thanksgiving so we are going to have a BIG lunch with Ben's mom at the Rainbow room at Rockefeller centre. It is such a beautiful location with amazing views of the whole city. It will be quite an event, a lot of eating ,turkey, stuffing , pumpkin pie and the works! I'm sure we'll be digesting the rest of the afternoon afterwards. Thanksgiving is known as one of the biggest holidays in the US so all the stores are closed as well. It's so strange to see that in NY.. this city normally never sleeps!

21 November 2006
David Blaine Stunts

My friend David Blaine is doing another one of his stunts again today. He'll be chained into a gyroscope five stories above the ground for two days. Ben and I will be there for a couple of hours today to chat with him and show support. The weather is terrible, raining and cold so you can imagine what it must be like for him up there! Good luck Dave!

20 November 2006
So Sorry I've Been So Scarce

Hi Guys, so sorry I've been so scarce, it has been a little hectic! My family has all left so now it is back to work too. Along with that I have also finally had the time to work on the apartment in NY. Since Ben and I moved in there hasn't been much time for it. I've started ordering some new furniture and just little knick knacks .. all the fun stuff! It's hard work yet relaxing and enjoyable too.. Ill let you know how it goes!

6 November 2006
My Cousin Is In New York

My cousin who is now with me in New York and I walked around the city today. He hasn't been here before so we have a lot to see! We started off with breakfast at Norma's . It's one of the top 5 places for breakfast in NY. We had the best egg benedicts and we were off.. Next I took him to FAO Schwartz which is a huge toy store. It's quite an experience. He bought his kids some presents and I bought my new little cousin who is four months old a little gift too. We decided we were done shopping so stopped of at the Trump Bar which is in my building and had some drinks. What a great day!

1 November 2006
I'm Going back To See Ben

My dad and brother have both left for home so I'm going back to Washington to see Ben. We'll probably spend the weekend on the farm.

31 October 2006
Halloween In New York

Back in New York and today is Halloween! New York is known to be one of the best places to celebrate. Everyone in the city makes a huge effort and you see some VERY interesting outfits! Since my dad is still here I'm taking him out for a real Halloween experience. We spent the afternoon at New York costume shops finding all the final bits for our costumes. I'm going to be a cat so I got a catsuit with a tail , a mask and some freeky cat contact lenses. It looks quite scary ! My dad is going as Darth Vader from Star Wars , he looks even more scary! It should be a great night!

29 October 2006
Back At The Ranch

My family and I spent the weekend on Ben's ranch for a quiet and relaxing time. We went on quadbikes and long walks .. The leaves are all changing colour for the fall so it was really exceptional. Saw a lot of deer too! As much as I love New York it's nice to get out to the country to really wind down.

27 October 2006
Trump Vodka Party

Last night Donald Trump launched his new Trump Vodka which I was invited to. What a great party! It was in my building too (Trump Tower) so it was very convenient. The funny event of the night was that my cousin Willie had arrived from Amsterdam to stay with me and didn't know there were two separate entrances to the building, one for the commercial side where the party was and one for residential. As he arrived in the cab there were hundreds of people outside by the party and he told the cop that he was sleeping there that night! Finally they escorted him to the residential entrance. It was quite a sight though.

22 October 2006
Family Weekend

What a great weekend with the family. We went all over New York and boy did dad and brother shop! We walked everywhere . On Saturday night I took my brother to a new club in NY called Door. A fun night of champagne and dancing! I'm quite exhausted I must say and look forward to ordering in some food and watching a movie.

17 October 2006
Sad To Be Leaving SA

After a fantastic trip I'm very sad to be leaving SA but exited to go home too and especially to see my man. I've really missed him this trip. My dad and brother are coming to New York too this week so looking forward to that.. family reunion!

6 October 2006
Wow! What A Hectic Week

Photo shoots and interviews all week. it's no nice to work in South Africa, after a while you really get to know everybody and it's like a little family working together. We also have so many talented people here and wish the world would take notice of all the creative talent. Tonight I'm having a party at the Fashion TV cafe in Cape Town. I'm very exited as it will give me great chance to catch up with everyone I haven't seen in a while.

28 September 2006
Just Arrived In Jhb

So happy to be back! I'm here for the weekend staying with my best friend in Hyde Park. I'm going to the HEAT 100 party tomorrow night which should be really fun! Flying to Cape Town on Sunday for my first photo session on Monday with Queenspark .It's going to be a busy two weeks but I love it. I'm definitely a busy body kind of girl.

26 September 2006
See You All Soon!

Getting ready to leave to the airport, very exited to get back homeand see you all! It's a long trip and will take me about two days , but it's all definately worth it!

See you all soon!

25 September 2006
Back In NY

Back in Ny after a lovely weekend out in the country.. I could really relax for my upcoming trip. Looking so forward to returning to South Africa. Got two great magazine covers booked and will also be doing some work for Queens Park, an upmarket South African clothing store.

I will be attending Heat Magazine South Africa's "Hot 100 Party" in Johannesburg which should be fun. Can catch up with old friends. Will then be heading off to Cape Town to do some work and see my dad.

23 September 2006
Off To Washington DC

I'm off to Washington DC today as that is where my boyfriend now lives. I'll be doing a lot of travelling back and forth between NY and DC . I love it there though, such a beautiful green and peaceful city, quite the opposite of NY!

22 September 2006
Everything In One Place

Been really busy today putting some of the final touches to our new apartment in New York. I love it, finally a place I can call home.After moving around so much in the last two years it's nice to finally have everything in one place.

Heard from a friend in South Africa that there have been some paparazzi shots printed in two magazines called You and Huisgenoot of me carrying boxes. How funny, sometimes you just don't see them (the photographers).

21 September 2006
Meeting Thabo Mbeki

Very Excited!!!! Got to meet South African President Thabo Mbeki tonight at a function in New York. He is such a friendly person, and happy to meet with me.

He was very aproacable and easy to talk to! I told him I was going home soon to South Africa for some work and he told me how important it is that young South Africa's continue to return home and be a part of the country.

Being based in New York it is not often easy to return home regularly but seeing as I've been back to South Africa about six times in the past twelve months I'm not doing to